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Good Management Skills

teamwork-skillsYour ability (or inability) to motivate your staff will be reflected in the quality of their work, morale, and cooperation.  By just focusing on just a few things, you can change the temperament of your workplace and ensure a happy and motivated staff.

1. Be positive. Lead by example.  This can be done by demonstrating a good attitude that naturally accompanies a positive outlook.  If you don’t have that, chances are your employees are simply reflecting what they see in you.

2. Permit others to do their jobs. Because you’re invested in your business’s success, it’s tempting to look over shoulders and micromanage your employees.  However, as a manager, you can best promote success by enabling your team to succeed.  This means that rather than telling them how to do their job (which you might occasionally have to do), you ensure they have access to all the necessary tools and training to excel.

3. Provide vision and support. Good managers inspire success with clear vision.  It’s your job to look to the future and envision positive changes within your practice.  Once you’ve shared this vision, you need to provide your team with the necessary support to move forward.

4. Practice good communication. Without good communication skills, you’ll find it difficult to lead your team anywhere, because without clear direction they won’t know where to go. You must clearly communicate your vision, your objectives, and your expectations.  But if you’re doing all the talking, your team will quickly tune out.  Communication runs both ways; you must listen and engage in productive discussions as well.

5. Give positive reinforcement and feedback. Nothing is more discouraging to an employee than lack of feedback.  In order to better direct their efforts, they need to know whether or not they’re satisfying your expectations.  Be sure you always provide positive feedback first.  Then give constructive criticism by sharing how they can improve their efforts.  Be specific.  Vague and ambiguous feedback is almost worse than no feedback at all.

6. Be an advocate. As your employees interact with clients, it’s important that you be their advocate.  Sometimes clients may complain about their exchanges with your employees, and quite honestly, there may come a time when an employee must be reprimanded for poor work and/or behavior.  However, most of the time you should not only support but endorse your employees, making it clear that as long as they’re performing to the best of their ability, you’ve got their back.

7.   Provide group training. Like a retreat, group training can motivate and inspire your employees while teaching them valuable skills.  Imagine teaching each employee how he or she can become your business’s profit expertUniversal Accounting Center has developed a proven program to help non-accounting employees understand their function and importance in the business model. With Universal’s proprietary training, each employee will understand how critical their position is to the business. They will improve their skills in performing important responsibilities that will greatly benefit the company’s profitability.  Call 1-877-833-07908 today for more information on how Universal can immediately help your company today.

Good management is often more motivational than even the cheesiest quotes or promotional plaques.  As you show a genuine interest in your employees’ work experience at your practice, you’ll find their loyalty, commitment and performance improves.

The National Taxpayer Advocate Submits Year-End Report to Congress

tax-updateEvery year the National Taxpayer Advocate submits a report to Congress identifying the most significant issues encountered by taxpayers.  On January 14th, 2015, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson released the 2015 annual report which expresses concern that taxpayers will experience the worst service since 2001 when the IRS implemented its current performance measures.  In the report’s preface she detailed the following four points:

  • “First, the budget environment of the last five years has brought about a devastating erosion of taxpayer service, harming taxpayers individually and collectively;
  • “Second, the lack of effective administrative and congressional oversight, in conjunction with the failure to pass taxpayer rights legislation, has eroded taxpayer protections enacted 16 or more years ago;
  • “Third, the combined effect of these trends is reshaping U.S. tax administration in ways that are not positive for future tax compliance or for public trust in the fairness of the tax system; and
  • “Fourth, this downward slide can be addressed if Congress makes an investment in the IRS and holds it accountable for how it applies that investment.”

She goes on to explain, “Taxpayers who need help are not getting it, and tax compliance is likely to suffer over the longer term if these problems are not quickly and decisively addressed.”

Olsen attributes the decline in taxpayer service to the following factors:

Scope of Taxpayer Service Needs.  About 200 million taxpayers interact with the IRS yearly; that’s triple the amount of individuals interacting with any other federal agency.  And because of the complexity of the tax code, many of these individuals are looking for assistance in completing their returns.  The press release states, “The IRS typically receives more than 100 million phone calls, 10,000 million letters, and 5 million visits.”

Decline in Taxpayer Service Levels.  In 2004 87% of taxpayer phone calls were answered, with an average hold time of 2.5 minutes.  Expectations for 2015 include a 43% answer rate, with an average hold time of 30 minutes.

More Work, Reduced Resources.  A couple weeks ago we learned that Congress cut the IRS budget by 1.5 billion.  In addition they are required to comply with a mandated federal employee pay raise of one-percent.  This leaves the IRS with fewer resources, including a reduction in its workforce by 12,000 employees.  Olson explains, “The only way the IRS can assist the tens of millions of taxpayers seeking to speak with an IRS employee is to have enough employees to answer their calls.  The only way the IRS can timely process millions of taxpayer letters is to have enough employees to read the letters and act on them.  And the only way the IRS can meet the needs of the millions of taxpayers who visit its walk-in sites is to have enough employees to staff them.”

Other Issues Addressed

In addition to Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the following issues were also addressed:

  • Lack of clear rationale for taxpayer service resource allocation decisions.
  • Lack of a functional IRS presence in many areas.
  • Potential Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) burdens.
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure (OVD) Program inequities.
  • New TAX research studies.

The National Taxpayer Advocate submits two annual reports to the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Senate Committee on Finance.  The first report is due every year at the end of June and must detail the TAS’s objectives for the upcoming fiscal year.  The second report is due on December 31st, and, in addition to other requirements, must identify 20 of the most serious problems encountered by taxpayers.

A Lucrative Investment

Acquiring tax preparation skills not only affords you the opportunity to earn upwards of $100 per hour, but it exposes you to a limitless potential client base.  The fact that nearly every adult and business in the nation must report their tax liability on a yearly bases means that your tax preparation skills will be very appealing to a significant population.  And as your practice grows, so will your income.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7908 to enroll in the Professional Tax Preparer Program today!


–.  “National Taxpayer Advocate Delivers Annual Report to Congress: Focuses on Taxpayer Service and Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”  14 January 2015

Tax Season Opens

irs-news2Due to the renewal of “extender” provisions to the tax law that expired in 2013, the IRS announced that tax season will open as scheduled, and they will begin accepting the electronic submission of returns on January 20th.

The legislation extended tax breaks for individuals and businesses as well as a savings program for the disabled.  Business deductions that will now be allowed through 2014 include some of the following:

  • Bonus depreciation, allowing an additional first-year deduction of 50% of equipment costs
  • Section 179 rules which allow for $500,000 on acquired property for business use
  • Exclusion from capital gains tax of 100% of small business stock sold by an individual
  • The Word Opportunity Tax Credit for hiring military veterans and other qualified individuals
  • The Research Tax Credit
  • New Markets Tax Credit

A number of other deductions are included in the extension, which are detailed in an article by Michael Cohn entitled “Passage of Tax Extenders Contains Key Tax Breaks” on the website AccountingToday.

Before the extension of this legislation, the IRS was concerned that the elimination of those tax breaks would make it difficult for them to effectively update their systems in time for tax season.  However, at the beginning of December, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said, “We have reviewed the late tax law changes and determined that there was nothing preventing us from continuing our updating and testing of our systems.  Our employees will continue an aggressive schedule of testing and preparation of our systems during the next month to complete the final stages needed for the 2015 tax season.”

In addition to proceeding with tax season as planned, the IRS reminds taxpayers that electronic filing is the most effective way to submit a return and ensure a timely refund.  Visit the official IRS website for more information.

Universal Accounting’s Tax Training

UA’s Professional Tax Preparer program will help you establish yourself as a trained and trustworthy tax professional.  You can earn the Professional Tax Preparer Designation while receiving up to 60 CPE credits, depending on the number of modules you complete.

UAC’s Professional Tax Preparer (PTP) program will not only give you hands-on training in completing full individual (1040) and business returns (1065, 1120, 1120S), but it will also provide you with the following:

  • 20 hours of valuable video instruction
  • 2 instructional manuals
  • Step-by-step instruction in becoming a sole practitioner
  • One year of follow-up support from expert tax preparers
  • The opportunity to earn valuable professional certification
  • Our iron-clad, risk-free guarantee

Call 1-877-833-7909 to enroll today, and improve your competitive advantage while securing your professional standing in the tax industry.


–.  “Tax Season Opens as Planned Following Extenders Legislation.” 29 December 2014

Cohn, Michael.  “Passage of Tax Extenders Contains Key Tax Breaks.”  17 December 2014

Potential IRS Shutdown

Treasury tax check with cash.Following recent budget cuts, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen announced that a shutdown is currently being considered as one possible way to save the agency money.  He explained, “People call it furloughs; I view it as: Are we going to have to shut the place down? And at this point, that will be the last thing we do…  But there is no way we can say right now that that won’t happen.”

In recent budget revisions, Congress cut the IRS budget to $10.9 billion, $1.5 billion less than the agency requested. The IRS was one of few agencies to experience budget cuts this year, regardless of the impending tax season that will require the implementation of Obamacare credits and the exaction of penalties for the new tax evasion law.

In addition, the agency also faces a mandated federal employee pay raise of one-percent.  Koskinen says, “It’s not just the $350 million cut in the budget; it’s the fact that we have $250 million in new expenses for a government-wide pay raise.  …So we really have a $600 million hole this year.”

The potential shutdown could save the IRS an estimated $29 million a day.  At a press conference held on December 16th, Koskinen explained that while it’s a last resort, the IRS could close anywhere from one to a number of days in order to offset the difference.  This news followed an email warning IRS employees of suspended overtime and a hiring freeze.

QuickBooks Made Profitable

The IRS isn’t the only organization experiencing budget problems.  Have you set a New Year’s resolution to better budget your money this year?  Learning how to better track funds could help you and your clients become more lucrative.  In addition to budgeting, QuickBooks Made Profitable will teach you just how to use QuickBooks accounting software to attract and retain more clients.

Nearly 80% of small businesses use Intuit’s QuickBooks software.  While other programs may be useful, QuickBooks has definitely captured the small business market.  Mastering QuickBooks will not only enable you to better manage your budget and keep more efficient records, but it will also help you teach your clients how to use the software so that you can get the information you need which, making your job much easier.  This program will teach you how to leverage your time while saving clients money in taxes and helping them increase their profits.  What client wouldn’t be interested in that?  We’ll teach you how to use this valuable software package to generate more income!

Don’t wait to grow your business and experience the success your budget will certainly help you achieve.  There are countless potential clients out there in need of these specific services.  You can be the one to provide them.  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7908 to order QuickBooks Made Profitable today!


Bade, Rachael.  “IRS Warns of Possible Shutdown.”  18 December 2014

Deadline for New IRS Program

1099December 31st of this year is the last day tax preparers can complete the continuing education (CE) requirements for a new voluntary IRS program intended to help taxpayers determine 2015 return preparer qualifications.

According to the press release, “The AFSP Record of Completion allows uncredentialed return preparers who complete required CE to be included in a new Directory of Federal Tax Return Preparers with Credentials and Select Qualifications scheduled to launch on the IRS website in early 2015.”

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen explains, “This will be part of a wider effort at the IRS to help taxpayers understand the options available if they need help with their taxes during the upcoming filing season.”

For the 2015 tax year the AFSP usually requires tax return preparers to complete 11 hours of continuing education (CE) credit, including a six-hour Annual Federal Tax Refresher course,  three-hours of federal tax law topics, and a two-hour ethics course, all of which much be earned from an IRS-approved CE provider (Universal is an IRS-approved continuing education provider).  Specific requirements are detailed on the official IRS website.

Return preparers who have earned credentials as attorneys, certified public accountants and enrolled agents do not need to meet these particular requirements as they have higher levels of qualification and practice rights, including unlimited representation rights before the IRS for clients on any tax matter.

In order to acquire their AFSP record of completion, a return preparer must consent to the duties and restrictions relating to practice before the IRS as noted in subpart B and section 10.51 of Treasury Department Circular No. 230.  They must also renew their preparer tax identification number (PTIN), complete their CE credits and receive notice from the IRS that they are eligible to log into their online PTIN account.  Only then will they be allowed to print their AFSP record of completion.

Universal Accounting Helps Tax Preparers Succeed

At Universal, we also believe it’s important to prepare for the future, and we’re interested in seeing your future success as a tax preparer.  Our Professional Tax Preparer Program is IRS-approved and designed to help professionals like you master tax preparation, becoming efficient in the completion of individual and business returns.  If you would like to learn more, visit Universal for a free video today!


–.  “Deadline Nears for Return Preparers to Qualify for New IRS Program.” 9 December 2014

6 Days of Business

holidayWhat You Should Focus on in December

December often comes before we realize it,and when caught unaware we can miss key opportunities to acquire new clients, secure more business, and create more loyalty with employees.  This season, take command of the holidays and make key preparations that will enable you to take advantage of this crucial time.  The following are “six days of business” that will help your practice become stronger during the holidays:

1.   Wish your clients a Happy Holiday. Everyone likes a little gift for the holidays, regardless of what they may be celebrating.  Consider offering discounted services or a promotional offer that will appeal to clients.  Regardless of what you choose to do, it’s important that you acknowledge your customers during the holiday season.

2.   Send holiday cards. This is a great way to promote your services while spreading a little holiday cheer.  Use this as an opportunity to share your mission and goals with current and prospective clients.  This is a great excuse to use direct-mail advertising in order to get the word out about your business.  Also, including a promotional offer will often get your business the attention you desire.

3.   Plan company celebrations early. Most businesses plan a dinner party or other such holiday celebration.  If you had planned on holding an office party, you need to begin preparations early in order to secure the necessary reservations, catering or room scheduling.  The sooner you begin the better.

4.   Get in the spirit. Don’t be a Grinch!  Decorate your office for the holidays.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to spread holiday cheer to walk-ins and employees alike.  Because the month promises to be busy, take care of this at the beginning of the month so you don’t have to worry about it later.

5.   Bring your website into the festivities. Use your website to offer season’s greetings and promotional offers that may generate more traffic for your business.  If anything, your ability to maintain a clean, up-to-date website will impress all visitors.

6.   Practice seasonal marketing. Target prospective clients at the beginning of the month with seasonal marketing.  Take some time to brainstorm your holiday promotions and then delegate the final project to a trustworthy staff or family member so you can focus on billable hours.

Most importantly, take time to enjoy the holidays.  They do come but once a year, and it would be a shame if you didn’t revel in the season for a bit.

Building Your Business is a Great Strategy for the New Year

And Universal Accounting Center can help!  Here’s a holiday package intended to enhance any bookkeeping service or individual ready to start one.  You’ll attain the three things all business owners need to achieve true success: professional certification, marketing know-how, and enhanced service offerings.

Professional Certification

Small-business accounting is a specialized service that will appeal to a large target market that you already work with!  Most accountants are trained in big business accounting, which doesn’t address the unique needs of small business owners.  When you enroll in the Professional Bookkeeper program, you receive specialized training in the day-to-day accounting tasks required by small businesses.  Not only that, but upon completing the course, you will have the opportunity to earn professional certification, demonstrating to clients your newfound expertise.

Marketing Know-How

Regardless of how good your services are, you won’t secure quality clients without employing effective marketing techniques. And without clients, your business won’t go too far.  The Universal Practice Builder program will train you in 12 marketing strategies designed to help you secure 15 to 25 qualified leads per month!  Additionally, you will be guaranteed a $30,000 increase in annualized billings in just one year.  That is 10 times the cost of this special holiday package!  Talk about a low-risk investment with high returns.

Enhanced Service Offerings

In addition to offering small-business accounting, you will also be able to provide QuickBooks services.  Our QuickBooks Made Profitable program will teach you how to use your QuickBooks skills to attract even more clients!  You’ll learn how to leverage your time, meet more prospective clients and offer services that will enable them to reduce taxes, increase profits and put more money in the bank.

Get a jump start on the new business year by enrolling in these three programs, today!  You’ll be giving lots of gifts this season.  How about giving yourself a gift that continues to give, in profitable returns, year after year?  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7908.

Happy Holidays to YOU!

presentGive Yourself the Gift of Profitability

Who wouldn’t want the gift of profitability?  That’s probably even on Santa’s wish list.  A solid investment in yourself and your business would make a great present that may not fit in your stocking, but will definitely fill your bank account!  What’s the investment?

Every successful business thrives on three things: a service that’s in-demand, effective marketing, and complementary offerings.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find all these components in one package?  You can, and they’re all right here!

A Service that’s In-Demand

In order to run a successful practice you must offer a necessary and valuable service.  Small-business accounting is such a service.  By law, businesses are required to keep books.  Not only that, but many small businesses are in need of knowledgeable and skilled accountants who will perform that needed function and help them achieve greater profitability.

To appreciate the demand for small-business accountants, consult the US Department of Labor.  They report that between 2012 and 2022, employment of accountants and auditors is projected to grow by 13%.  They predict “As the economy grows, these workers will continue to be needed to prepare and examine financial records.”

Universal’s Professional Bookkeeper Program will not only teach you small business accounting with a practical, hands-on approach, but it will enable you to earn a designation that evidences your skill and expertise, putting potential clients at ease.  The program covers four units which each take less than 15 hours to complete, all on your own time and at your own pace.  The units include:

In less than 60 hours you could complete all four modules and be on your way to a successful accounting practice with a certificate to hang on your office wall.  That’s much more appealing than 4 years on a university campus.

Effective Marketing

Regardless of how unmatched your services may be, you won’t have any clients unless you market effectively.  While accountants are good with numbers, they generally aren’t as comfortable promoting their services.

With over 30 years’ experience training professionals like you, Universal Accounting Center knows how to market accounting services to small businesses!  Our Universal Practice Builder Program will arm you with the ability to accomplish the following:

  • Become your area’s Profit and Growth Expert
  • Produce 15 to 25 qualified leads per month
  • Utilize 12 proven marketing strategies
  • Practice effective marketing via phone, newsletter, and professional websites
  • Practice tactical goal planning and setting
  • Prepare and present seminar training for three different instructional courses

In addition, this program is guaranteed to earn you $30,000 of additional annualized billings in just 12 months!  Talk about a risk-free investment!

Complementary Offerings

Successful practices continue to grow and generate profit when they offer complementary offerings their target market finds valuable.  You probably already know that Intuit’s QuickBooks is the accounting software used by more than 80% of small business owners.  Mastering this program will enable you to increase your offerings by providing QuickBooks setup and consultation services.  QuickBooks Made Profitable will teach you just how to use this program to draw and retain more clients to your accounting practice.  You’ll learn how to leverage your time while saving clients money in taxes and helping them increase their profitability as well.  Imagine how much this program alone could increase your bottom line.

So there you have it; a present that will brighten your future and make your practice more profitable.  Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving!  Call Universal at 1-877-833-7908 to enroll today!

IRPAC’s 2014 Annual Report

advocate-reportThe Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC) is a federal advisory committee that, using public forums, gathers information regarding IRS reporting issues.  Members of the committee come from a cross-section of individuals from the professional community, including tax professionals, financial institutions, small and large businesses, universities and colleges, and securities and payroll firms.

Once a year they submit a report to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue which details new and existing issues needing attention.  IRS Commissioner John Koshinen said, “The IRS values the insight and perspective IRPAC provides.  The committee members have experience working with an incredibly diverse range of individual taxpayers and organizations both large and small.  Their feedback helps us improve tax administration for the nation, and we will study their recommendations closely.”

IRPAC recommendations include the following:

  1. An expansion of the TIN matching program to include filters of all nonwage information returns to which incorrect-TIN penalties apply. 
  2. The amendment of Revenue Procedure 2003-9 to provide that after filing an information return other than those types potentially subject to backup withholding, the filer may check the TIN furnished by the payee (or other recipient) against the name/TIN combination contained in the IRS Matching database and receive TIN validation information.
  3. The issuing of a Notice announcing relief from IRC § 6721 and § 6722 incorrect TIN penalties for all nonwage information return types that the TIN Matching Program may not be used to validate payee/recipient TINs.
  4. The addition of a checkbox to Form W-9 and Form W-4P which can be checked by the payee to indicate that permission has been granted to submit the payee’s name and TIN to the IRS TIN Matching Program for validation.
  5. The development of a new premium-level TIN Matching service (in addition to maintaining the current basic TIN Matching Program), that, while requiring an enrollment fee paid to the IRS, would process bulk files submitted through the information return filer’s account on the IRS secure site for information return filing. 

You can access the full report on the official IRS website.

Universal Accounting Helps Tax Preparers Succeed

At Universal, we believe it’s important to prepare for the future, and we’re interested in seeing your future success as a tax preparer. Our online tax training, the Professional Tax Preparer Program, is designed to help professionals like you master tax preparation, become efficient in the completion of individual and business returns, and establish thriving home-based tax businesses.  If you would like to learn more, visit Universal for a free video today!


–. “Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee Issues Annual Report.” 29 October 201

Thanking Clients

thank-clientsEveryone likes to be appreciated.  Once you realize that your business wouldn’t exist without your clients, it becomes easier to feel genuine gratitude for everyone on your roster.  When you are able to express that gratitude, you’ll find that your clients feel better about the services you offer. 

Now is the perfect time to let your clients know that you are thankful for their business.  You’ll find that they’ll be more likely to refer their friends and family to your business when they recognize your sincere appreciation.

Here are 5 simple ideas for expressing gratitude to you clients:

1. Thank-You Cards.  Hand-written thank you cards demonstrate sincere appreciation for a client’s service.  And you don’t have to send them all at once.  Take the time to write one per week to clients, vendors, and other colleagues.

2. Give a Gift Card. For a low cost you can give clients gift cards for restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, book stores, etc.  It may not seem like much, but this small gesture can do a lot to compliment your clients and inspire customer loyalty.

3. Pay for Lunch. You should consider taking your clients to lunch once a year in an effort to get to know them better while reevaluating their business demands.  In this, you ensure that the services you currently provide align with their financial needs.  And your payment of the bill will be an act of gratitude they won’t soon forget.

4. Offer Free Financial Tips and Advice.  This can come in the form of a free print or electronic newsletter that you distribute to all current and prospective clients.  Your newsletter can include at least one article offering valuable financial information.  In the process you will demonstrate industry expertise, promote your business, and remind clients of just how valuable your services really are.

5. Offer a One-Time Service Discount. Jim Rohn said, “One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.”  Showing appreciation for clients will not only improve retention, but also makes it more likely that they’ll refer your services to friends and family.  These valuable referrals are worth far more than the discount or complimentary services you can offer in show of your gratitude.  Consider providing a free service or giving them a significant discount on future services.  This not only provides incentive to refer friends and family your way, but it gives these clients just another good reason to stay with you long term.

 Thanksgiving isn’t the only time of year you can show thanks.  Consider the many ways you can demonstrate true gratitude to your clients year-round; they are, in fact, what keep your business running.

Register for Universal’s FREE Start Today Seminar

From DC to Texas and Canada to California—Universal travels the country providing free 3-hour seminars teaching the secrets to establishing a successful accounting and bookkeeping service.  There you’ll learn how to enhance your service offerings while increasing your bottom lime!  Look at our schedule and register for one of our seminars in a city near you.  As attendee Dennis Shumway explained, “I have been involved in financial service for 20 years and have attended seminars all over the country. The quality of this class has been head and shoulders above any class that I have ever taken.”

Take advantage of this FREE opportunity now!  Register today!

7 Tips for Building Teamwork

teamwork-skillsWhether you own your own practice with a support staff or work for an employer, you need to be a good team player.  This requires you to see your employees as teammates working towards the same goals.  Otherwise, you might find yourself and your business on the bench.  Here are 7 tips in building teamwork in the workplace: 

  1. Communicate. Without effective communication, even the most brilliant team will fail.  To facilitate good communication, you must read and respond to all team correspondence.  Also, listen to your teammates and contribute when appropriate, which includes accepting and giving feedback.  
  1. Be open.  Sometimes ideas don’t sound plausible simply because you didn’t think of them first.  Listen to your teammates, and don’t be quick to criticize.  Encourage brainstorming and free-thinking.  And don’t shoot down ideas simply because they’re unusual or unconventional.  
  1. Be friendly. Oscar the Grouch may have friends on Sesame Street, but let’s be honest, no one wants the Office Grouch on their team.  As you build good relationships with your teammates, you foster a positive work environment that enables all to feel comfortable. 
  1. Contribute.  Attend all meetings (try not to be late) and respond to team correspondence when appropriate.  Give compliments when deserved, and work towards not only your success, but the success of your teammates.  
  1. Be responsible.  You must set the perfect example.  Allow your teammates the opportunity to see you fulfilling your obligations, going above and beyond what is required of you.  This lets them know that your expectations for their performance are no less than your expectations for yourself. 
  1. Don’t be a know-it-all.  No one likes a smarty-pants.   It’s good to contribute your thoughts and ideas, but your teammates will roll their eyes once you begin to have all the answers. Be willing to sit back and give others the chance to shine.  
  1. Avoid complaining.  Whining and complaining only generates negative energy.  You also create a reputation as a wet blanket, and employees will not enjoy working for you.  Be sure to never complain about others.  And gossiping about teammates will always come back to haunt you.   

Working as a team is often the best way to generate great ideas and have access to the collective skill-set necessary to carry them out.  Sometimes being a team player means you have to put yourself second in order to earn more points in the end.  Whatever effort it requires, you will be a better business owner in the end if you learn how to work well with others.

Motivate Your Team 

If you need a little inspiration to motivate you and your team to success, we suggest you consider working with UAC’s motivation speakers.  Universal Accounting Center has some exceptional speakers on staff that can motivate you and your team to excel.  With a number of individuals experienced in a variety of topics, they can help you better serve your clients, better market your practice, and better grow your wealth.  Learn more about Universal Accounting Center’s speaker and book one for your next event!

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