When to Ask for a Referral

When to Ask for a Referral and Other Ways to Expand Your Business

Ask for referralsYou might think it best to ask for referrals from your oldest, most loyal clients. But a new survey conducted by Bay Street Group Research Program and reported by CPA Trendlines shows that the best time to ask a client for a referral is when they have been with you less than one year. This is called the “Honeymoon Effect” and shows that new clients are more likely to give referrals than older clients. According to the survey, 77% of clients who have worked with a CPA for less than one year said they would refer those services, while only 55% of older clients would. It appears that the critical period for retaining clients is within the first five years of the professional relationship.And when it comes to referrals, you’ll get even more if you expand your services.

Get More Clients by Expanding Your Services

We’re guessing you currently have clients who come to you for tax preparation and planning. Maybe you do it part-time, or maybe you do it full-time. Regardless, you’re reaching the time of year when business will slow down and you’ll miss the additional income that comes your way during tax season. The best way to expand your business and your bottom line is to expand your services.Think of all your clients. How many would benefit from accounting services in addition to the valuable tax services you currently offer? And how many more would be interested in QuickBooks services? Now think of potential clients and consider that a large number of them would also be interested in accounting and QuickBooks services. This increases the value of a referral because they would most likely come to you for multiple services, increasing your income as they increase your client base.

Become a Professional Tax Preparer (PTP)

Professional Tax PreparerYou’re probably already aware that pending legislation may require paid tax preparers to receive some type of certification in order to continue their work as tax professionals. Not only that, but more and more tax payers are becoming weary of individuals who practice without certification. If you lack the credentials that put most clients at ease, it’s time to look at your options.Universal Accounting Center (UAC) offers a professional designation. Imagine hanging the PTP certificate on your office wall as proof of your expertise and skill.

Become a Professional Bookkeeper (PB)

Professional BookkeeperMany of those same clients who come to you for tax services will want you to manage their accounting as well. With UAC’s training through the Professional Bookkeeper Program you can become skilled in small business accounting, enabling you to offer your specialized services to local business owners in dire need of your help. Not only that, but you can hang the PB designation on your wall, right next to your PTP certificate.

Become a QuickBooks Specialist

QuickBooks SpecialistOver 80% of small businesses owners use Intuit’s QuickBooks to manage their finances. The Professional Bookkeeper’s Guide to QuickBooks will train you how to use this valuable software, enabling you to offer your skills to those who need setup and consultation services. As an accounting and tax professional, you would also be the one these clients come to for other services. After working through the Guide you can choose to become a QuickBooks Specialist, adding this designation to your wall with all the others.If you start today, you can get both the Professional Tax Preparer Certification and the Professional Bookkeeper Program for $1150 off the retail price. Imagine, you could expand your services while enhancing your credentials for less than what you might receive this year in tax refunds! Add QuickBook training to your shopping cart and you continue to increase your services, and your income. Don’t delay. The power of one referral increases exponentially when you have more services to offer.

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