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Calling All Tax Preparers: Quit Your Day Job and Go Full-Time, Working for YOURSELF

Have you ever wondered how you might expand your part-time business preparing taxes into a full-blown, year-round venture? Your talent for managing numbers isn’t limited to working on taxes; just imagine working with clients in the off-season, creating a more flexible work schedule for yourself while helping small businesses succeed. Best yet, you decide how many clients you can take on, and Universal Accounting Center will take care of the rest.

Full Time tax preparerAccounting and Bookkeeping Accounting has been called the second oldest profession in the world. The need to track income and expenses has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, and considering how businesses are growing, the need for accounting will continue to exist for hundreds of thousands of years to come. Not to mention the off-season. Are you interested in starting a business with that much job security?

The accounting and bookkeeping profession is growing at a quick pace. In their Occupational Handbook, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that, “As the economy grows, the number of business establishments will increase, requiring more accountants and auditors to set up books, prepare taxes, and provide management advice.” Every business has to pay taxes, this creates vast opportunities for the freelance accountant and tax professional.

Small Businesses Are Looking for a Few Good Accountants Over 85% of the opportunities in the accounting field are within small businesses, that just the bare numbers. Universities require more seat time and prepare their students for large corporation accounting side of the industry that does nothing to address small business needs. More than 50% of small businesses fail, and much of that failure can be attributed to lack of proper accounting expertise. Imagine how it would feel when you contribute to the success of small businesses in your area, which will not only build your own community but also provide to you the job satisfaction and security you are looking for. But how do you go about it?

UAC’s Professional Bookkeeper Program Has the Answer At Universal Accounting, we understand the needs of the small business like nobody else. For over 25 years, we’ve helped people like you start their own accounting and tax practice specializing in small business accounting. With a curriculum designed specifically to address the needs of small businesses, Universal Accounting offers the most complete small business accounting course anywhere. And depending on your schedule and situation, it will only take you 60 hours to complete. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to what our graduates have to say about their Universal Accounting experience.

Visit Universal Accounting Center Today! Are you interested in starting your own accounting and tax practice like many of our students have? Stop the moonlighting and start daylighting. Find out how an accounting and tax practice can keep you busy year-round, giving you with a more flexible work schedule and a satisfying occupation helping small businesses succeed. Learn more about Universal Accounting Center and sign up for our Professional Bookkeeper Program today.

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